Women Forex

Women Forex

Is it possible that women Forex time came? There was a time when trading or another profession was considered purely masculine or feminine.  It seems like that time changes in past years. More and more often it is possible to meet women working on top positions in the financial sector, according to “Financial Times“. Therefore, the Forex is not an exception. Since the number of women in Forex is rapidly growing, more often it is possible to meet women who actively trade on the exchange. As a hobby, probably or for a source of additional earnings as a professional career.

women in forex

Probably it looks unexpectedly, but the statistic is on women side. The statistic shows that women’s are effective about 5-10%, then mans.

trading women

There are signs that the financial market is striving to change the gender issues. A huge top hedge fund companies are strongly settling to find out female traders to recruit them rather man. Most of all candidates are young and graduate in financial studies.

Obviously, the socialism takes action to equal rights. The growth in the past ten years predicts the rise of the female trading population. Therefore the internet opened and accelerated the rise undoubtedly.
In case their trading skills do result in them outperforming men, then these hobby traders could start a new trend of female hedge fund managers being recruited to the top positions as well.