Forex market hours

Forex market hours are divided into 4 trading sessions:
New York
Forex market hours

The beginners in the market of trading sometimes get into a stupor when they hear about the working hours of Forex. As a result, Forex market hours is working around the clock. You can trade on Forex from anywhere in the world!

Most of all, the Forex work hours are the same as for an ordinary person with his working week – from Monday to Friday. But Forex market hours works around the clock, it never stops. At the same time for different trading instruments on Forex, there is a separate time for opening and closing the market.

Also, Forex does not work on the days of major national holidays, which represent a weekend for the country’s banking system. Therefore, the work schedule Forex provides weekly sessions, not days.

As Forex market hours goes around the clock, it allows you to trade on it on any day of the year, even during the global holidays. For example, the schedule of the Forex exchange allows traders to trade even on New Year’s Day, as banks of Muslim countries work at this time, where this day is not a day off.

Of course, the Forex market mode of work on holidays and weekends significantly sags, as the amount of money and shares on it these days are entirely different. Considerably fewer orders in these days consist.

Also, the schedule of the Forex market hours takes into account the activity of the markets and specific currency pairs. As a result, on the Tokyo trading session pairs with [yen] are more traded. And the most volatile is the beginning of the NewYork session when they announce the most important news.


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