Forex Indicators

Forex Kagi Forcast Indicator

Ingenious mix of smart technology & scientific trading approach gives birth to the most profitable scalping/day trading/swing trading indicator… Read more on

Forex Reversal Dashboard Indicator

This “Reversal Dashboard” indicator scans all pairs & all time-frames for the greatest-probability REVERSAL and CONTINUATION patterns… Read more on

Forex Velocity Triggerlines Indicator

New “Velocity Triggerlines” indicator gives you the best of both worlds: it detects overbought/oversold trade setups when the market is ranging and… Read more on

Forex ExFit Weight Factor Indicator

New “ExFit Weight Factor” indicator built on “Volume Profiling” technique identifies high-probability trend reversals for you and instantly shows you low-risk trade entries and exits… Read more on

Forex Third Altic Indicator

This thee combination of new trading concept and breakthrough mathematical technology brings you the most accurate day trading indicator ever! Read more on

Average True Range (ATR) indicator

ATR indicator You will find a lot of Forex indicators, but one of the effective technical analysis indicators is ATR. It is designed to determine the volatility of the market. Average..

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