Forex Indicators

Forex Easy Sine Wave Indicator

Indicator detects overbought/oversold trade setups when the market is ranging and it identifies the beginning and end of trends when the market is trending. Read more on

Forex Zlema Accumulation Indicator

This indicator minimizes lag, eliminates noise, tracks market trends reliably, and get you into the trend much earlier at exactly the right Ttime. Read more on

Forex Obos Regression Indicator

Indicator designed for making max profit from big price movements with no confusing predictions, no guess work, no baffling analysis, and no complicated techniques! Read more on

Forex Brooky Shade Indicator

Generates amazingly profitable signals with laser precision and a help of brand new unique trading formula that we have just developed and fine tuned! Read more on

Forex Day Trading Dashboard Indicator

“Day Trading Dashboard” indicator scans ALL pairs and ALL time-frames for the most accurate day trading patterns ever (at least from our rigorous test)…” Read more on

Forex Tiong Tasskit Indicator

Dramatically boosts profit by identifying powerful entries (early and often) on every time frame.. guaranteed to deliver winning trades and profit… Read more on

Forex Aeron Zoomer Indicator

Will allow you to catch best possible trade opportunities, minimize frustration showing you confirmed trade direction! Read more on

Forex Darvas Pointer Indicator

Forex Darvas Pointer Indicator is able to accurately predict a new trend before it even starts and generates a fast buy or sell never repaint signal! Read more on

Forex Trend Trading Cloud indicator

According to our statistical tests, this is the most accurate trend indicator. And it achieves that by incorporating market volatility in its algorithm to increase accuracy… Read more on

Forex Linear Guppy Indicator

The most complete new “Linear Guppy” indicator that detects ALL Buy/Sell trading signals in REAL time for you. Read more on

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