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What is Forex trading?

What is Forex trading? Forex trading is activities carried out for good earnings. Participants of Forex trading are called traders. In most cases, people who have money to invest are..

Forex demo account vs real account: advantages and disadvantages

Probably at the very beginning of their trade, many traders are pondering over the questions – is it worth to open a Forex demo account or immediately start trading for real..

Forex broker. How to choose?

Choosing the Best Forex broker is one of the key questions for each trader who wants to trade successfully on the currency exchange. The choice of a broker is like choosing a..

Successful Forex traders tips

Successful Forex traders tips I want to ruin a myth that only with the big deposit you can be a profitable trader. Let’s continue, and I will show you were..

Forex trading systems

Forex trading systems System help automate your trading. Following it, you simply define under what conditions you will enter / exit, on what timeframe to trade. Satisfy risk and money management. In..

Forex time frames

Choosing Forex time frames Forex time frames is like your identity. Day, hour, 15-minute? Can not decide, or use several gaps? Or are you not bothering at all? Let’s see..

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