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How did I start my Forex broker journey

Do you often think that there is something for you bigger then it happens now, is there a way to escape from this rat circle? Five years ago I found out that I deserve more than 8 hours labor work from 8 to 5. It sucks isn‘t?

One day I heard about forex. Unlimited possibilities way to earn money. „This is mine, I thought then“. I started to look for a platform, forex broker for my new path. My journey (no better word to describe it) looking for the best forex broker was easy. I used google, pushed on TOP list forex broker, send them an request and here it is. I have my first forex account at my best “forex broker”. Let me help you. I do not want you to lose your money as I did.

It was bulshit, the only good thing was that I saved part of my deposit and was able to withdraw my deposit with suitable for me type.

Important criteria choosing forex broker

After, I started satellite around for really good, best forex broker for my trading style. It took a while for me, and I am not lying. During my „expedition“, I found some most essential criteria, how to choose the best forex broker. I will share with you my forex choosing guide. It‘s not so hard when you are not the first day on the forex trader way. As I said it, it took me a bunch of time, but I will let you save yours.

You can find typical based information all over the web, but it will be forex brokers guided information to catch you. No one will talk about your needs, never. Here are most relevant criteria for you choosing your the best forex broker.

Start with the question „does my selected broker accept traders from my country.“ If it does, find out does this broker provides education for the beginner (or advanced to accelerate your income). More about valuable education free or paid you will find on our website. You will need it, trust me. I spend hundreds of dollars on forex education.

Please, do not stop, several essential criteria are choosing the best forex broker for you: website and support languages, the established date of forex broker (do not get hung up on it, it is essential, but not the main criteria).

Your selected forex broker must be regulated and has accountability, and this one is critical. There is a lot, a lot of complaint on the web then forex broker does not withdraw money for a long time, and you cannot appeal.

For every trade, forex broker gain commission it is their profit. It is a typical issue. Spread could be from 0 to 3 and more, it depends on the instrument. It is quite significant then you are going to trade with low risk buy/sell stops (get more information). My advice, carefully check spread size if you are going to trade on web – online interface.

Here you go, last criteria left, finally. It is leverage and lot size and minimal account size. It depends on your deposit value; you can use for your purpose leverage and lot size combinations.

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