Forex broker. How to choose?

Choosing the Best Forex broker is one of the key questions for each trader who wants to trade successfully on the currency exchange. The choice of a broker is like choosing a partner for life. A broker is your reliable companion, an assistant in the stock market; his professionalism greatly influences the success of your trade. You choose a broker based on your goals, strategy, opportunities and requests.

Now the stock market presents a huge number of brokers. They trade in different markets and platforms, provide a wide range of services, have capital and leverage. How in all this diversity is it right to choose a broker for yourself? Here are steps for selecting the right broker in the stock market.

Reliability and reputation

Best Forex broker forex broker ranking

A Forex broker that is good should have a positive reputation in the industry. The reputation of a broker is dependent on several factors, however, mostly on the firm’s image and its history with existing customers. However, an online picture is just not the one thing you should consider. You can find hundreds of online review pages about brokers. Do not lose on that, not all of them provides relevant and quality information for you. Ranking could be done considering the commissions paid by the broker for advertising. In most case, you can figure out that the liquidity of brokers is different.

It is evident that 10 liquidity provider probably better rather 1 or 2, do not you agree?

Finally, considering all you can check the forums as well, where you will find some answers. On the other hand, we spoke about time-saving and reliability. That’s why you should decide by your self.

All categories trading accounts

In the 21st century to open Forex account is not necessary to handle big money. Today you could be welcome with 1 dollar in the pocket. However, a broker can request increase the capital in the future. You will face Micro and Standards accounts, which are classified by lot size. It is as a result of leverage in Forex. Forex leverage allows to manipulate position with a smaller deposits. The micro account starts from 0.01 lot size with a heavy leverage. In most case, standard account begins from 0.1 lot size with lower leverage, surely, than Micro accounts.

Regulation. Stay safe with your investments

cysec regulation
Choose a regulated brokers only. You will meet terms CySEC, FCA, NFA, ASIC and ect . It is agencies created by the Government of a country or other definitive state authorities and may behave as either independent authorities or like a Government-linked agency. Definition of most commonly found regulators:

CySEC – Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission,
FCA – Financial Conduct Authority,
NFA – National Futures Association,
ASIC – Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Select the Best Forex Broker To Get Professional Support


Superior customer service is one of the things we’d imply. It can certainly help as a reliable indicator of choosing suitable Forex broker.Since the customer care department behaves as a direct connection to your broker.

Seems like, that the best customer support representatives and great accounts administration specialists should be composed.
Furthermore, they need to have the ability to communicate with customers during regular market intervals, even during off-market hrs like the weekends and holidays. It is a professionalism of client service to respond questionnaire when it requires additional information, concerning the broker or some function they provide. They are also should take responsibility to feedback you promptly if you have any financial issues relating to it service or their website features. It might require rapid reaction in the matter of fast-changing market.

Therefore, the Best Forex brokers provide 24/7 customer services, and that means that you can always count on their help, irrespective regardless of what time of day it is. The most widespread support language is English, despite that fact, a global reality of Forex trading shows a tendency that a majority of traders might not be English spoken even. That‘s why broker usually are prepared to satisfy multilanguage support.
In addition, perfect forex broker should provide various communication channels. Not email or their unique method. Of course, for emergency cases live chat should be possible.