Forex trading for beginners


Forex Forex (Foreign Exchange market) – the global inter-bank currency market. A collection of various foreign currency buying and selling operations. It reflect the international, political and economic realities, trends, needs..

Forex market hours

Forex market hours Forex market hours are divided into 4 trading sessions: New York Sydney London Tokyo Visual view of Forex market trading hours at GMT . The beginners in the..

Forex terminology

Forex Terminology Usually, you will find that Forex market has it own set terms and jargons. Therefore to understand Forex deeper you must learn Forex terminology. Let us introduce you,..

Average True Range (ATR) indicator

ATR indicator You will find a lot of Forex indicators, but one of the effective technical analysis indicators is ATR. It is designed to determine the volatility of the market. Average..

Save deposit and stay in profit

Do you want to save your deposit and always stay in profit? First of all, follow the main rule – especially relevant to open all orders with Stop loss , ONLY !!!! It’s the..

How to calculate lot size considering risk and deposit?

Risk management is one of the keys to successful and longtime trading in Forex. Without it is easy to lose all deposits. We want to talk about allowed risk ratio..

Women Forex

Women Forex Is it possible that women Forex time came? There was a time when trading or another profession was considered purely masculine or feminine.  It seems like that time changes..

Scalping strategy

Scalping strategy Scalping strategy is trader activity in time frames from 1 – 30 minutes. The profit using scalping strategy is a few points, only. Therefore to increase profit on scalping you need..

Intraday trading

Intraday trading The first feature of intraday trading (also known as Daytrading)– a daytrader closes his orders with the closure of the market. It allows him to avoid confuses “where..

What is Forex trading?

What is Forex trading? Forex trading is activities carried out for good earnings. Participants of Forex trading are called traders. In most cases, people who have money to invest are..

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