Forex indicators

Forex Gentor Swami Indicator

This powerful indicator uses a brand new unique technology and generates accurate never repaint buy/sell signals for you so you can make fast profitable trades every single day. Read more on

Forex Kijun Fluction Indicator

This easy-to-use “Kijun Fluction Indicator” designed to quickly identify most powerful price patterns and instantly generate accurate & profitable buy/sell signals! Read more on

Forex Wolfe Waves Dashboard Indicator

This “Wolfe Wave Dashboard” indicator scans ALL currency pairs & ALL time-frames for Wolfe wave patterns – the most reliable predictive reversal pattern IMHO. Read more on

Forex Blau Balance Indicator

Maximum pips trading technology used in hidden universal trading code capable of literally changing your trading performance in just a few minutes! Read more on

Forex Candlestick Dashboard Indicator

This “Candlestick Dashboard” indicator scans ALL currency pairs and ALL time-frames for powerful candlestick patterns that have the GREATEST probability of winning. Read more on

Forex Harmonic Dashboard Indicator

This “Harmonic Dashboard” Indicator scans ALL currency pairs & ALL time-frames for powerful harmonic patterns that have the most probability of winning. Read more on

Forex Trend Trading Dashboard Indicator

Indicator scans ALL pairs and ALL timeframes for high-probability setups that appear during BIG market trends. Read more on

Forex Bressert Exposure Indicator

Is built on a very reliable signal filtering system which was tested on various extreme trading conditions and will give you simple buy and sell signals! Read more on

Forex Bolan Grinder Indicator

This is systematic, emotionless trading at its finest. WITHOUT reading charts, WITHOUT learning complex theory, WITHOUT getting glued to your computer screen. Read more on

Forex Quantum Rainbow Indicator

This tool helps you identify trading opportunities via a combination of indicator systems working together to generate NEVER REPAINT SIGNALS! Read more on

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